For Life: The Story of Abu Garcia

From the banks of the Mörrum River in Svängsta, Sweden, a watch maker emerges to develop the world’s most sought after reels. (Henning Karlsson, Lennart Borgstöm. Directed by Dustin Hoye, Executive Producer, Chris Derrick. Associate Producer, Paul Davis Copyright 2013)

Clarke Gayford’s take on Veritas 3.0 Clarke Gayford from Fish Of The Day runs over his time using the Veritas and Roxani combo!Veritas 4.0 | Fishing Hard Never Felt This Good Compromising was never our strong suit. That’s why we designed the Veritas to be not only affordable, but sensitive enough to feel the faintest hit and strong enough to handle bashing through the bush to a remote waterway. Despite the deceptively airy feel, the new Veritas [...]

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