The Ideal Qualities of a Lure Fishing Rod

For someone who’s been fishing for many years, I’ve used tackle of all sorts. I’ve learnt to appreciate quality when choosing my outfits as the experience you get is greatly elevated. On top of quality, I’ve always been one to look at value, which is why I choose to use the Veritas range of rods from Abu Garcia.

I have used the Abu Garcia Veritas rod range for several years now and not once have they let me down. They’re lightweight, well balanced and most of all, tough!

The Veritas range of rods have delivered time and time again during special ‘once in a lifetime’ captures. Whether it be elbow slapper whiting, mangrove jack, bass or barramundi, the Veritas rods have always stood up to the extreme conditions I’ve placed upon them when that big fish bites. If you asked any one of my mates what rods I use for all my estuary and freshwater fishing, they would tell you: “an Abu Garcia Veritas”.

Abu Garcia have brought out a newer, higher-end Veritas to market which is the Veritas Tournament Edition. Built on a Powerlux 100 blank, the Tournament range is 5% lighter and 15% stronger than the standard Veritas range. The Veritas Tournament rods come in a wide variety of lengths and weight ratings in both spin and bait cast models with technique specific actions. They feature Abu Garcia’s custom designed real seats, Fuji Alconite K Guides, and high-density EVA grips. The Veritas Tournament rods have all the ideal qualities that a lure angler needs in a fishing rod for a good day on the water.

When I first got my hands on the new Veritas Tournament, I immediately knew I had to have one, two or maybe even ten. They look and feel great! One of the benefits I noticed when I first used one, was how well they deliver maximum cast distance with only a small amount of effort. A must when doing what I love doing most, walking the sandbanks chasing flathead on soft plastics or whiting off the top on walk the dog and popper style lures.

When chasing bass, bream or mangrove jacks in the snags is when they really come into their own and you really notice the extra strength through the upgraded blank in this master class Veritas range, extracting fish from their lair has never been easier.

Having full confidence in your gear, especially your rod is the key to successful fishing. Having a rod you can cast all day because it’s light and a rod that you can load up more in the fight because it’s strong, the new Veritas tournament edition is going to be a game changer and a welcome addition to the Abu family.

By Brian ‘Barney’ Perry – Abu Garcia Pro Team

A regular face quite often seen on ‘Reel Action TV’ with Guesty, Barney is a gun fisherman who’s been around and just about done all things fishing. Residing on the mid north coast of NSW, Barney when he isn’t pouring concrete, is casting a rod at one of the many fish species options available to him, often being the humble whiting.

For me, Abu Garcia brings three words to mind. Experience, quality, and performance.If you’re looking for a rod to do the job, the new Veritas Tournament is a winner in many aspects of the freshwater fishing scene.