Todd Riches’ secret to pulling big fish out of structure.

Most 3-5kg rods you pick up these days are quite stiff and while this is good for chucking heavier plastics for flathead and the like, it is not so good for chucking light soft plastics or crankbaits for bream. This is where the Abu Veritas come into their’ own. When I first picked up the 6’8” 3-5kg model, I was blown away by the soft, light tip and how good they were for chucking light plastics on heavy braided lines. However, while still maintaining the light tip, they have the firm butt section, which pulls big fish out of heavy structure with ease.


After owning the 6’8” 3-5kg Veritas for over a year now, it’s hard to pick up anything else for fishing heavy structure such as oyster racks. Don’t let the 3-5kg rating fool you, it is incredibly light in the hand for a 3-5kg rod and I’ve fished everything from a 2000 size reel spooled with 6lb braid to a 4000 size reel spooled with 10lb braid and 16lb leaders locked up and it has handled it perfectly. For the price tag of under $150, you honestly won’t find another 3-5kg rod with such a light tip and such a strong butt section.