Tracker Telescopic

  • Composite blank
  • Upgraded guides
  • Solid glass tip
  • Travel bag

Every angler has the urge to explore new fishing grounds. The Tracker Telescopic series allows you to fulfill these urges. Packing down to conveniently fit into your backpack, the glove box or your holiday luggage. Tracker Telescopics feature composite blanks and solid glass tips for strength and durability. Trackers also come with a rod bag for extra protection.

Product Specs

ModelSKUFishing TypeRod ActionLine RatingRod LengthNumber of PiecesRod Blank MaterialRod Handle MaterialGuide TypeRod ButtRRP
TELE ROD W/BAG 6FT1094932SpinningLight3-4kg6'TelescopicGraphite/GlassEVAStainless steelEVA$39.99
TELE ROD W/BAG 6FT61094933SpinningMedium3-4kg6'6"TelescopicGraphite/GlassEVAStainless steelEVA$39.99
TELE ROD W/BAG 7FT1094934SpinningMedium/Light4-5kg7'TelescopicGraphite/GlassEVAStainless steelEVA$39.99
TELE ROD W/BAG 10FT1094935SpinningMedium6-8kg10'TelescopicGraphite/GlassEVAStainless steelEVA$49.99
TELE ROD W/BAG 12FT1094936SpinningMedium8-10kg12'TelescopicGraphite/GlassEVAStainless steelEVA$59.99