Salty Stage KR-X Spinning


  • High Modulus RZC Graphite Creates Stronger & More Responsive Blank
  • Diagonally Wrapped HEXA Carbon Tape For Enhanced Strength & Added Twist Resistance
  • Equipped With Advanced Fuji Stainless Steel KR-Guides With Silicone Carbide (SiC) Inserts.
  • Lighter models is equipped with Fuji KL-H & KL-M (High Frames)
  • Lightweight Fuji ECS/VSS Graphite Reel Seat For Superior Strength & Comfort
  • Latest TiAl SENSIFORE Fore-hood for Better Blank Contact & Fingertip Sensitivity
  • Contoured ULTRALON EVA Grips for Better Tactile & Ergonomics

Introducing the next generation of sleek design and high performance rods with the Salty Stage Light Casting series.

Featuring high modulus carbon blanks and our RZC and HEXA system, the rods deliver powerful ultralight blanks with higher break strengths and improved impact and fracture resistance. Salty Stage Light Casting performance isn’t only in the blank construction. Fuji SiC guides across the range with KR, KL-H & KL-M high frames used through the range. Lightweight Fuji ECS/VSS combines seamlessly with TiAL SENISFORE Fore-hood for the ultimate in fingertip sensitivity. Contoured Ultralon EVA grip system handles make the SSLC one of our most comfortable and ergonomic ranges.

Product Specs

SSKRXLC-S 722UL 1-3KG 1451227 7’2″ 2 1-3kg 2-8g UL SPINNING
SSKRXLC-S 6111UL 1-3KG 1451228 6’11” 1 1-3kg 2-8g UL SPINNING
SSKRXLC-S 681ML 1.5-5KG 1451229 6’8″ 1 1.5-5kg 3-12g ML SPINNING
SSKRXLC-S 742L 2-4KG 1451230 7’4″ 2 2-4kg 4-12g L SPINNING
SSKRXLC-S 721ML 2-6KG 1451231 7’2″ 1 2-6kg 4-12g ML SPINNING
SSKRXLC-S 702M 4-8KG 1451232 7’0″ 2 4-8kg 10-50g M SPINNING