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  • High Modulus Tetra Axial Graphite creates stronger & more responsive blank
  • Equipped with advanced Fuji® stainless steel KR-Guides with silicone carbide (SiC) inserts.
  • Lighter models equipped with Fuji® Kl-H & Kl-M (high frames)
  • Fuji® graphite reel seats for ergonomic comfort and performance
  • Contoured Ultralon EVA grips

The next generation of high-performance Salty Stage Light Casting and Jigging rods have arrived! Featuring Tetra Axial high modulus carbon, these rods deliver powerful ultralight blanks with higher break strengths, along with improved impact and fracture resistance. Salty Stage KRX® Light Casting and Jigging performance isn’t only in the blank construction, with Fuji® SiC guides across the range in KR, KL-H & KL-M high frames used throughout for optimum line management. All models are fitted with Fuji reel winches and contoured EVA grips to make the KRX series one of Abu Garcia’s most comfortable and ergonomic rod ranges.


ModelSKUFishing TypeActionLine RatingCast WeightLengthPiecesBlank MaterialHandle MaterialGuide TypeButtGrip ConfigurationRRP
1564664SSKRX2LC-C 661ML 3-7KGCastingMedium Light3-7kg6-32g6'6"130-Ton Tetra AxialEVAFuji K SiCEVACast Split$279.99
1564663SSKRX2LC-C 631M 4-8KGCastingMedium4-8kg8-45g6'3"130-Ton Tetra AxialEVAFuji K SiCEVACast Split$279.99
1564665SSKRX2LC-C 701MH 5-9KGCastingMedium Heavy5-9kg9-48g7'130-Ton Tetra AxialEVAFuji K SiCEVACast Split$279.99
1564666SSKRX2LC-C 581H 5-9KGCastingHeavy5-9kg8-58g5'8"130-Ton Tetra AxialEVAFuji K SiCEVACast Split$279.99
1564668SSKRX2LJ-C621 PE 1-3/80Jig CastingLightPE 1-3Max 80g6'2"130-Ton Tetra AxialEVAFuji K SiCEVACast Split$279.99
1564669SSKRX2LJ-C621 PE 2-4/120Jig CastingMediumPE 2-4Max 120g6'2"130-Ton Tetra AxialEVAFuji K SiCEVACast Split$279.99


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