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The brand new range of Abu Garcia Muscle Tip combos feature integrated composite graphite blanks with solid glass tips for sensitivity and durability. All models feature stainless steel guides, Abu Garcia reel winches and are matched with MTS reels for trouble free performance, cast after cast.

  • High composite graphite blank with Integrated solid glass tip
  • High density EVA gives greater sensitivity and durability
  • High-quality stainless-steel guides with ceramic inserts
  • Durable light weight Abu Garcia reel seat
  • Three bearing MTS Spinning reels
  • Baitcast model features a one bearing reel with alloy spool


ModelSKUFishing TypeMono Capacity yd/lbReel Handle PositionAnti-Reverse FeaturePre-Spooled yd/lbGear RatioBearing CountReel Spool MaterialReel SizeRod ActionLine RatingRod LengthNumber of PiecesBlank MaterialHandle MaterialRRP
MT4 662S 2000 L 3-6KG COMBO1601064Spinning3/310 | 4/250 | 6/165Right/LeftInfinite Anti-ReverseNot Pre-Spooled5.5:12+1Aluminum2000Light3-6kg6'6"2Glass/Graphite CompositeEVA$89.99
MT4 702S 2000 L 3-6KG COMBO1601065Spinning3/310 | 4/250 | 6/165Right/LeftInfinite Anti-ReverseNot Pre-Spooled5.5:12+1Aluminum2000Light3-6kg7'0"2Glass/Graphite CompositeEVA$89.99
MT4 702S 5000 MH 6-12KG COMBO1601066Spinning12/215 |15/165 | 20/105Right/LeftInfinite Anti-ReverseNot Pre-Spooled5.2:12+1Aluminum5000Medium Heavy6-12kg7'0"2Glass/Graphite CompositeEVA$109.99
MT4 602S 2000 L 2-4KG COMBO1598629Spinning3/310 | 4/250 | 6/165Right/LeftInfinite Anti-ReverseNot Pre-Spooled5.5:12+1Aluminum2000Light2-4kg6'0"2Glass/Graphite CompositeEVA$89.99
MT4 431S 2000 L 3-6KG COMBO1598630Spinning3/310 | 4/250 | 6/165Right/LeftInfinite Anti-ReverseNot Pre-Spooled5.5:12+1Aluminum2000Light3-6kg4'3"1Glass/Graphite CompositeEVA$84.99
MT4 662S 4000 M 4-8KG COMBO1598631Spinning10/190 | 12/140 | 15/110Right/LeftInfinite Anti-ReverseNot Pre-Spooled5.2:12+1Aluminum4000Medium4-8kg6'6"2Glass/Graphite CompositeEVA$99.99
MT4 602S 3000 M 3-6KG COMBO1598632Spinning6/235 | 10/165 | 12/120Right/LeftInfinite Anti-ReverseNot Pre-Spooled5.2:12+1Aluminum3000Medium3-6kg6'0"2Glass/Graphite CompositeEVA$99.99


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