Central Vic Lure Caster Super Series – Round 1 Goulburn River by Brad Hodges

Attending this event was all about curiosity for me. I was keen to see what these comps were like. Having attended my first, I can definitely say I’ll be fishing more comps this year and in the future years.

The tournaments are 1 day events that start at 7am and finish at 1pm. They are held on freshwater rivers and lakes with Murray Cod and Yellowbelly being the top scoring target species, however points are still awarded for redfin, carp and trout.

Upon arriving at the launching and registration spot early Saturday morning it was clear the this event was going to be well attended with cars, boats and tents set up everywhere. And well attended it was with 118 anglers hitting the water.

Fishing wise, my experience in catching Australian Natives (Murray Cod and Yellowbelly) could be summed up as almost non-existent. I’ve caught less than 10 Murray cod and I’m yet to catch a yellowbelly on a lure. Things started slowly on the water with not even a hit in the first few hours. As we made our way up river, fishing different sections of likely looking banks along the way, we just continued to try and put our lures deep into the snags. At about 11:30 I finally had an aggressive take that caused immediate chaos on the boat as the net was being untangled from underneath the seats and a solid Murray Cod was thumping away dangerously close to the snag that she called home. As my native fishing experience is almost zero the gear I was using was just one of my favourite bream setups, an Abu Garcia Vanguard 3-4kg rod, Abu Garica Revo SX20 reel with 6lb nanofil and 10lb trilene leader.  The Murray Cod measured 63cm and was as fat as a football. This fish really sparked some energy on the boat and 2 casts later a greedy redfin also came on board for a quick photo shoot.

These 2 fish somehow scrapped me into 10th position. Making the top 10 in a freshwater competition against 118 well equipped anglers was definitely very pleasing and something for me to build on in future events.

The atmosphere before, during and after the comp was terrific. I can see why so many angler turn up to fish this series and I can say that I’m really looking forward to getting my first Yellowbelly on a lure at some stage, hopefully at the next comp.

Cod5 20150117_111716_resized-1024x576 AR-MICRO-JIG-KING Cod2