Tips and Techniques

Micro Jigging Explained Part 3 – Pulling it all together

After you’ve tossed your jig over board and its on its way to the bottom, you need to consider how your going to retrieve it?! There are many ways to do this and some of them are very simple indeed! Firstly – watch your line as it sinks. As soon as your jig is in […]

Micro Jigging Explained – Part 2. Assistance with Assist hooks, rigging and accessories

Hooks – one of the strangest things about most of these lures is they don’t come with any hooks (no hooks when you buy them). This, as you can imagine, is for a good reason! There are just as many hook combinations as there are jigs and because of this, you need to select the […]

Todd Riches’ secret to pulling big fish out of structure.

Most 3-5kg rods you pick up these days are quite stiff and while this is good for chucking heavier plastics for flathead and the like, it is not so good for chucking light soft plastics or crankbaits for bream. This is where the Abu Veritas come into their’ own. When I first picked up the […]

5 basic tips for Murray Cod fishing in impoundments – Bryn Mathews

1. Learn weather patterns and moon phases Impoundments are a forever changing ecosystems that are heavily influenced by weather. Studying water temperatures, winds, times of day, barometric pressures and moon phases will lead you on a huge road of discovery with plenty of trial and error. Ultimately patterns develop and you can learn just as […]

Cold Weather Bream Tactics

Now that we’re well and truly in the midst of the cooler weather, most southern black bream have long departed the shallow flats and structure laden shorelines in favour of deeper haunts. Whether preparing to spawn, resting between more active feeding periods, travelling from one part of a system to another, escaping from floodwater, or […]

Tips for Catching Murray Cod – By Jason Ehrlich

It’s time for speckled green again. The Murray cod season is again open in Queensland and New South Wales. These iconic Aussie fish can be caught in the rivers and dams of southern Qld, much of NSW, the ACT, northern Victoria and the south-east corner of South Australia. Already social media is buzzing with pictures […]

Brad Hodges reviews the Salty Stage Light Casting 6’10, 1-3kg

Abu Garcia Salty Stage Light Casting 6’10” 1-3kg It didn’t take very long for me to realise that this rod is a beauty. To give you an idea of how highly I rate this rod, going into last year’s biggest tournament of the year, the Vicbream Classic GF, I had owned this rod for a […]

A Planned Attack

 When you step out the door to go fishing, how much time and effort have you put into working out what might lie ahead? I’m sure you’ve got your tackle sorted, that should be a given. But what about the conditions, fish habits, moon phases? A well planned attack means knowing all of these things […]

20 Do’s and Don’t’s – Adam Royter

    001 – Do learn to tie good knots. Or Just one knot…or just a Uni Knot. This is where the majority of fish get lost. Don’t be ‘that guy’!   002 – Don’t sit at the ramp car park, in your boat, waiting for people to turn up and ask you if you […]

VicBream Classic Grand Final – Marlo

The VicBream Classic grand final was held at on the Snowy River at Marlo, a system that is quite new to the Victorian team series and one that I haven’t spent any time on outside of the 2 tournament held there. The 2016 series has been a successful year for Team Berkley (Brad and Mike […]