Revo MGX 1

Revo-lution – Adam Royter


Revo MGX 1

Working in research and development for ABU Garcia is a pretty cool job, if you like fishing! Like most parts of any job, it has its ups and downs. The downs are when something doesn’t work, and no matter what you do or how much time you spend on it, it’ll never work. The ups are what we see make it to market and earn respect because of the time and effort put in – learning through R&D never stops.

The New Revo for the 2015/16 season is a very, very high cut above anything that ABU Garcia have ever produced. With a concept to manufacture period lasting over 4 years, this reel was always going to be good and thankfully, all the arrows are pointing in the right direction for it to be a real winner.

I’m the most skeptical person in the world when it comes to new gear. The first thing I do is poke around and pull it apart to see what makes it tick and then try to kill it. Reels being reels and having moving parts, makes them a pretty easy target for failure. So I’m happy to report that my two production sample Revo’s are still alive and kicking – well and truly kicking!

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Gears –

For me, the gears are the heart of a reel. If they’re not in it for the long haul then they’re not worth the metal they’ve come from. The Revo has a totally new drive train – and the two big hitters in the gear box, namely the pinion and main gears, are a complete overhaul from previous models.

New people and new machines are how you get new things to balance and perform.

The slow oscillation is a large part of the gears, making its mark with the Rocket Line Management system of a couple of years ago in the Orra series – so nothing new there, apart from some refinement in durability.

The big ‘win’ in the gear box with the new Revo spin are the materials and machining. First the raw materials must be suitably matched (pinion gear – main gear). This is not as easy as it might seem! For gears to turn against each other they must touch. This touching of two different metals can be an issue if you don’t know your metallurgy. Thankfully we have the right people on the job to get this done. The collective brain power that has gone into the materials list of the gears is outstanding. Add to this some of the most high-tech metal cutting and machining tools in the trade and you have a gear box that’s not only very durable, but exceptionally smooth.

Ohau A set-20 2

Spool & Oscillation –

I thought I’d throw this in just in case you missed it with the Orra series of ABU Garcia spin reels. It’s a system made up of two designs that need each other to work efficiently. First, the slow oscillation. This system of layering line is not new, but combined with the right spool design it greatly decreases line casting tangles. The oscillation of the Revo spin is ten revolutions up and ten down – as opposed to what used to be a standard of six up and six down. This slower line layering reduces the speed of the oscillating line’s up and down stroke, as it’s coming off the spool, taking with it the ‘jump to attention’ type reaction your line usually goes through as it’s being pulled from the spool by the cast. This ‘slowing down’ of oscillation helps to elevate the lines tendencies to grab off loose loops, therefore curing casting tangles. It’s not foolproof, but it sure has gone a long way in reducing nasty bird’s nests.

The spool is the next critical element. The distance and angle from loaded spool to the top of the spool lip is set up so that line runs off the spool throughout its range at a slighter angle, creating smaller and tighter oscillated loops, reducing blank slap. It also helps keep a higher line speed when running through the first stripping guide, thereby reducing the dreaded ‘guide tangle’! If you incorporate what the new Revo has to offer in cast-ability with the modern Fuji guide set-up such as K or KR systems then you’ll have one hell of a casting rig.


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Drag –

Hopefully people are fed up with high drag ratings on small thread lines and are prepared to start thinking about how a smooth, consistent drag system that works incredibly well at a super low weight ratio is going to work for them! If you’re not…slap yourself in the face with a brick and wake up!

The Carbon Matrix drag system you’ll find in the Revo is the same as its predecessors – yes it pulls hard, but it also pulls super light and smooth, and this is where you want it to be. A drag that you can set to protect a light line or light leader is far more beneficial than one you can stop a truck with. Especially when you’re talking size 20, 30 and 40 reels. The Revo drag has this ability and is very adjustable down at its lower settings. So if you do have a big fish on and you need just a little more or just a little less pressure, you can get it without fear of going too far or too loose. A very cool system indeed!


Ohow A set-3



The Revo spin range for 2015/16 is so dramatically different to anything ABU Garcia has built in the last 40 years you owe it to yourself to find out what all the buzz is about. These reels were designed to go to work hard under all conditions, without going to work on your bank account.

Remember three things when you’re buying your next spinning reel: the drag system, the gear box and the cast-ability. This is what you need out of your reel – this is what the Revo was created to do and do well.

Revo Spin Family – All 2015/16 Revo reels come standard with Rocket Line Management System (spool and oscillation) and Carbon Matrix Hybrid Drag system.

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