Muscle Tip III

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The extensive Muscle Tip III range caters to bait anglers looking for a reliable and value packed rod. Whether you’re flicking yabby baits in an estuary, ganged pillies off the beach and rocks or trolling livies from a boat there is a MTIII rod built just for you. Featuring composite blanks with integrated solid tips, graphite reel seats, EVA grips and quality guides for extreme reliability and durability.

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Product Description

• High composite graphite and glass blank for increased impact resistance

• Integrated solid tip blank

• High density EVA gives greater sensitivity and durability

• High quality stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts

• Durable and lightweight reel seat for better ergonomics

• Outstanding strength, sensitivity and hook-setting power.

• Designed exclusively for Australian anglers

Product Specs

MT 2431spl 1.29mtr [4’3″] 1 3-6kg light spin
MT 2601SPXL 1.83mtr [6’0″] 1 2-5kg x light spin
MT 2601SPL 1.83mtr [6’0″] 1 3-6kg light spin
MT 2561SWM 1.67mtr [5’6″] 1 6-10kg med spin
MT 2561SWH 1.67mtr [5’6″] 1 8-15kg heavy spin
MT 2601SSXL 1.67mtr [5’6″] 1 2-4kg x light spin
MT 2601SSL 1.83mtr [6’0″] 1 3-4kg light spin
MT 2601SWM 1.83mtr [6’0″] 1 6-12kg med spin
MT 2601SWH 1.83mtr [6’0″] 1 8-12kg heavy spin
MT 2661SWM 2.01mtr [6’6″] 1 8-12kg med spin
MT 2661MOH 2.01mtr [6’6″] 1 6-10kg heavy o’head
MT 2701SSL 2.13mtr [7’0″] 1 6-8kg light spin
MT 2701SWM 2.13mtr [7’0″] 1 8-10kg med spin
MT 2701MHOH 2.01mtr [6’6″] 1 7-12kg heavy o’head
MT 2701SWH 2.13mtr [7’0″] 1 10-15kg heavy spin
MT 2461CALM 1.37mtr [4’6″] 1 4-6kg light/med casting
MT 2461CAMH 1.37mtr [4’6″] 1 6-8kg med/hvy casting
MT 2561CAM 1.67mtr [5’6″] 1 4-6kg med casting
MT 2561CAH 1.67mtr [5’6″] 1 6-10kg heavy casting
MT 215KG 1.67mtr [5’6″] 1 15kg med/hvy troll/roll tip
MT 224KG 1.67mtr [5’6″] 1 24kg heavy troll/roll tip
MT 215BT 1.77mtr [5’10”] 1 15kg med/hvy boat
MT 224BT 1.77mtr [5’10”] 1 24KG heavy boat
MT 2602SPL 1.83mtr [6’0″] 2 3-6kg light spin
MT 2602SPXL 1.83mtr [6’0″] 2 2-5kg x light spin
MT 2602SPM 1.83mtr [6’0″] 2 3-6kg med spin
MT 2662SPL 2.01mtr [6’6″] 2 3-6kg light spin
MT 2662SPM 2.01mtr [6’6″] 2 4-7kg med spin
MT 2662SWM 2.01mtr [6’6″] 2 5-8kg med spin
MT 2702NT 2.13mtr [7’0″] 2 2-4kg light nibble tip
MT 2702SPLM 2.13mtr [7’0″] 2 3-6kg light/med spin
MT 2702GPM 2.13mtr [7’0″] 2 6-8kg med spin
MT 2762SPLM 2.28mtr [7’6″] 2 3-6kg light/med spin
MT 2802GPM 2.43mtr [8’0″] 2 6-8kg med spin
MT 2902SPL 2.74mtr [9’0″] 2 6-8kkg light spin
MT 21002SFM 3.04mt [10’0″] 2 6-10kg med spin
MT 21202SFM 3.65mt [12’0″] 2 8-12kg med spin
MT 21503SFH 4.57mt [15’0″] 2 8-12kg heavy spin