Brad Hodges reviews the Salty Stage Light Casting 6’10, 1-3kg


Abu Garcia Salty Stage Light Casting 6’10” 1-3kg

It didn’t take very long for me to realise that this rod is a beauty. To give you an idea of how highly I rate this rod, going into last year’s biggest tournament of the year, the Vicbream Classic GF, I had owned this rod for a very short 2 weeks. After using the rod a couple of times it quickly became a favourite and I used it for about 90% of the fishing time in the GF. I was throwing Berkley puppydog accurately into structure and this rod performed flawlessly throughout the Grand Final.


Why did it so quickly become my favourite?

I am a big fan of a fast action rod for bream luring. I like to be able to impart action on the lure and have the rod respond quickly and sharply to the flicks and twitches. This allows me to have complete control over the lure and its action. More importantly a fast action rod will return to a neutral position very quickly after each flick, this helps with bite detection and feel for what the lure is doing.

Although it has a fast action it is also quite forgiving when loaded up, which I’ve found to be terrific for staying connected to fish that timidly take the lure. The rod cushions the lunges and prevents the hooks from pulling when fighting a fish. This was extremely important in the classic GF where the fish were often pinned by only one hook point on the hardbody lure.


Not only do I enjoy using this rod for throwing hardbodies but it works equally well when throwing plastics and when the winter blade season comes around I’m sure this rod will do the job nicely.

Paired with one of the new Abu Revo reels, I’ve used the Revo S20 and the Revo MGX20 with the Salty Stage 6’10” 1-3kg and I can tell you that it is a very sweet combination that is versatile, casts extremely well and will land you more fish.